Here is a list of all the faction missions in The Crew:

MW = Midwest
EC = East Coast
TS = The South
MS = Mountain States
WC = West Coast

S = Street
D = Dirt
P = Perf
R = Raid
C = Circuit

Less than 10 minutes

MW D The Hurricane - Video (2:43)
MW D Blacklisted
MW R Dave Z
EC D White Mountain Loop - Video (3:01)
TS P Observatory Dash - Map, Video (3:46)
TS P History In The Making - Video (4:40)
TS P The Big D - Video (7:18)
TS R Bayou Brawl - Video (2:02)
TS R Jurassic Raid - Video (3:00)
MS S The Score
MS D Vertigo
MS D On Thin Ice - Video (3:24 without and 2:41 with shortcut)
MS D A Fistful Of Dirt
MS D Canyonero - Video (9:14)
MS D Winter Is Coming - Video (3:09)
MS P Slip And Slide - Video (3:59)
MS P The Branchu Loop - Video (1:40)
MS R Rollercoaster
MS R Let It Snow - Video (0:52)
MS C The Point Of No Return - Video (2:49)
WC S Coastal Cruise - Video (8:29)
WC R The Lifeguard - Video (1:43)
WC R Treasure Hunt
WC R The Bootlegger - Video (2:45)
WC C Dry Run - Video (4:21)
WC C Supersonic - Video (4:37)

10 to 60 minutes

MW S Fleeing The Country - Video (10 mins)
MW P Route 66
EC D Race from Justice
EC R The Fugitive - Video (24 mins)
TS P The Way To Amarillo
MS R Off The Beaten Path
MS C Going Pro
WC C Leaving LA - Video (11 mins)

More than 1 hour

MW S The Long Road to Duty - Video (47 mins, shown in 13 mins)
MW P Frontier Tour (2.5h)
EC D Colorado Crawl
TS P The Longest Course - Video (51 mins, shown in 18 mins)
TS P Showtime (2.5h)
MS R One Huge Loop
MS D Landmark Tour (4h)
WC C Coast To Coast
WC C Highway Child (1.5h)

Bonus missions

MW S The Midwest Bonus - Video (4:13)
EC D The East Coast Bonus - Video (4:50)
TS P The South Bonus - Video (4:44)
MS R The Mountain States Bonus - Video (4:22)
WC C The West Coast Bonus - Video (4:40)

The times that are given in the section headers and mission names are taken from the game and may not always be accurate.

Many of the missions that are listed as "more than 1 hour" are actually shorter. The actual race times are given with the video links.

The bonus missions are only available on the last few days of each month and only for the member of the winning faction.

Videos of further missions will be added over time and I may sometimes replace existing videos with better ones.

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Last update: October 13th (Added the bonus missions)