Here is a list of all the story missions in The Crew:

S = Street
D = Dirt
P = Perf
R = Raid
C = Circuit


LVL01 S Driving Test - Video
LVL01 S The Initiation - Video
LVL02 S The Fix - Video
LVL03 S The Xfinity Speed Challenge - Video
LVL06 S Turf War - Video
LVL09 S Overpower - Video
LVL09 S Grudge Match - Video
LVL09 S Omar - Video
LVL12 S Tsu - Video
LVL13 D Dirt - Video
LVL14 D Green - Video
LVL18 S All Or Nothing
LVL22 P Tested - Video
LVL23 D The Weigh In - Video
LVL24 D 5-10s - Video
LVL27 P The Main Event - Video
LVL33 P Local Noise - Video
LVL34 R Rolling Deep - Video
LVL36 D Open Range - Video
LVL38 P Whiteout - Video
LVL42 C Class Riot - Video
LVL44 C Circuit Breakers - Video
LVL45 R Mismatch - Video
LVL47 C Bottom Of The Ninth - Video

Checkpoint Run

LVL06 S Ironclad Dash - Video
LVL09 S Shakedown
LVL14 D The Harry Situation
LVL15 D The Shadow
LVL17 S Rabbit Holes
LVL25 P Round Two
LVL33 R Rattler
LVL35 P Deadline
LVL43 D Gauntlet
LVL45 D Burner - Video

A to B

LVL02 S Watch The Paint - Video
LVL08 S The Chauffeur - Video
LVL13 S On The Case - Video
LVL37 P Escape Velocity - Video


LVL25 D Work The Body - Video
LVL32 R Test The Theory
LVL45 R Smashed - Video


LVL27 P Predicament - Video


LVL03 S The Getaway
LVL07 S Friend 'Til The End
LVL14 D Running Heat
LVL25 S Sucker Punch
LVL33 D Grave Dodger
LVL46 P Parlay
LVL48 P Shiv


LVL02 S A Little Nudge - Video
LVL05 S Making a Ghost - Video
LVL15 S Dirty Money - Video
LVL16 D Red Handed - Video
LVL23 D Chin Music
LVL26 S Counter
LVL35 R Gumshoe
LVL37 R Hired Gun
LVL43 R Fake Out
LVL47 S Beat Down


LVL10 S Crumple Zone
LVL20 D Family Matters
LVL30 P Fearful Symmetry
LVL40 P Burn Coburn - Video
LVL50 P V8

All of the videos are showing platinum medal runs.

Videos of further missions will be added over time and I may sometimes replace existing videos with better ones.

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Last update: July 24th (Added video of The Initiation and new video of Bottom Of The Ninth)